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BOOX for Business

Transform your team
workflow into the next level of productivity, communication and collaboration.

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Your Trusted Partner

  • Strong Team

    Experts with more than 15 years experience in eye-friendly ePaper devices.

  • Innovation

    Exclusive BOOX Super Refresh (BSR) technology with industry-leading refresh rates for ultra-smooth reading.

  • Quality Control

    100% rigorous quality inspections at every stage, from R&D trial production, mass production and final delivery.

  • Service

    Sales support in 24 hours. Customization is available.

What makes the difference

  • Flexible Android OS
  • PC-like Productivity
  • Paperless Workflow
  • Eyestrain-free Working
  • BSR Technology

Open Android system and full compatibility with the Google Play Store offer limitless potential. Download any apps to plan, work and share with your team.

Turn your BOOX ePaper tablet into a PC in a snap, enjoying enhanced performance and obtaining added adaptability with a Bluetooth keyboard cover. Embrace the laptop-level productivity and power through tasks with maximum efficiency.

Save your business a considerable cost on paper and notebooks while preserving a paper-like experience. Reduce document turnaround times to enable your team to focus on more productive tasks.

Adjustable front light offers superior eye comfort compared to LCD backlighting, significantly reducing eye strain for your team members even during long work sessions.
Our exclusive BOOX Super Refresh (BSR) Technology greatly enhances the refresh performance with minimal latency, making working in ePaper smoother than ever.

Streamline your workflow

  • Plan
  • Input
  • Work
  • Sync
  • Share

Schedule tasks using custom planner templates.

Prepare for meetings.

Review your daily goals and prioritize to-do tasks.

Handwriting to Text

Write freely, recognize instantly, and transform handwriting notes into text.

Text Input with Keyboard

Tap on the screen or use a Bluetooth keyboard for seamless text input, anytime, anywhere.

Hands-free Voice Typing

Speak, and let your device do the typing. Convert speech to text effortlessly.

Audio Recording During Meetings

Capture meeting audio with ease, insert it into your notes, and review every detail.

Document Signing

Sign documents, and send them back securely online. No paper needed.

Effortless Reading

Review & annotate PDFs, reports, and more materials easily with powerful tools.

Split Screen Multitasking

Read and take notes seamlessly to double your work efficiency.

Automatically sync notes to the cloud.

Transfer files across different devices.

Google Drive, Dropbox & OneDrive integrated, and 10GB free Onyx Cloud Storage.

Collaborate with your team through easy file-sharing via email, Bluetooth, QR code, cloud services & third-party apps.

Cast your BOOX screen to the PC for digital whiteboarding during meetings.

Get organized,
go paperless

Link any point with notes, websites or files for an organized layout.

Instant access to any documents and notes.

Enter a keyword to find any notes.


Secure your BOOX device with a unique passcode or personal touch ID to ensure that only authorized individuals can access its contents.

Password-protect your documents and notes to prevent unauthorized access. All account files are securely erased from the device upon logout—file protected across users.

  • Secure Locking

  • File Protection

Pick the BOOX for your team

Color ePaper Tablet

Note Air3 C

Paperlike Notebook for Enhanced Focus

Note Air3 C, designed to mimic the natural feel of pen on paper, transforms writing, drawing, and note-taking into an immersive experience. Empower your team to be more focused in brainstorming, sketching, and organizing meeting notes.

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The Note Air3 C boasts a satisfying pen-to-paper handwriting feel. Jot down notes, draw sketches and annotate documents with unparalleled precision and minimal input lag.
Powered by a robust processor and BSR technology, Note Air3 C runs smoothly across a wide range of tasks and apps. Its expandable storage via microSD card satisfies all your data storage needs.
Paper-thin thickness and ergonomic comfort with a wide grip—perfect for flexible working such as instant document handling. From the office to the plane to the hotel, it easily accompanies with you.
Equipped with a color screen, Note Air3 C brings color-rich graphics to life. Fully immerse yourself in your content creation without distraction and let your creativity bloom as you sketch out ideas or craft artworks.

Invest in Note Air3 C and transform the way your team brainstorms, collaborates, and executes projects.

Color ePaper Tablet PC

Tab Ultra C Pro

All-in-one Productivity Workstation

Tab Ultra C Pro, as an all-in-one business solution, excels in high performance and elevated productivity. Perfect for businesses seeking to boost their team's working efficiency to a new level.

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Snap into PC-level productivity and seamless multitasking with the advanced CPU, premium keyboard input, and BSR technology. Work, web browsing, note-taking, etc—all ultra-smooth.
Elevate your business style with the sleek uni-body design of Tab Ultra C Pro. Perfectly suited for modern office environments and client meetings with its polished and professional look.
Featuring a color ePaper display, this device offers an engaging reading experience and enhances the clarity of documents, charts, and images, significantly improving the efficiency of information processing.
Boost your productivity to new heights with the camera. Scan documents, capture meeting essentials, and convert images to editable text formats with ease, all while substantially optimizing your workflow.

Upgrade to Tab Ultra C Pro and empower your team to achieve more, faster and better.

ePaper Tablet

Go 10.3

On-the-Go Work Companion

Go 10.3, the ultra-thin monochrome ePaper notepad designed for creative minds, is the perfect travel companion for those who need to stay connected, creative, and productive while on the move.

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Enjoy the convenience of carrying the Go 10.3 with its 4.6mm ultra-thin and paper-light build. Take it outdoors with confidence—read comfortably in sunlight without glare, and trust the strong magnetic case to protect it.
Experience the professional elegance of GO 10.3, where a minimalist business aesthetic blends with the tactile comfort of real paper notes, now with added flexibility and digital power.
Enjoy a clear, crisp, paper-like visual experience with the high-definition black & white ePaper display for all your reading, from documents to presentations and more.
Effortlessly jot down quick notes, craft detailed sketches, and capture your creative inspirations with a wide range of advanced note-taking tools, such as the Lasso tool and Smart Scribe.

Let your team thrive with Go 10.3, seamlessly unlocking creative workflows as inspiration strikes.

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